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Tudung Bawal MCC Lifestyle x MyCare – Mercy


Be the voice they need : The “I Stand With Palestine” Tudung Bawal

Demonstrate your unwavering support with the captivating “I Stand With Palestine” Tudung Bawal, the latest collaborative creation by MCC Lifestyle and MyCare. Embodying the essence of unity and advocacy, this design combines the powerful slogan “I Stand With Palestine” with the timeless pattern of the Palestine keffiyeh. Available in two striking color options, white and red, this Tudung Bawal serves as a poignant symbol of solidarity and commitment to the Palestinian cause.

Empowering Voices, Amplifying Impact

With each purchase of the “I Stand With Palestine” Tudung Bawal, you actively contribute to the impactful endeavors of the Save Palestine Fund, overseen by MyCare. Your support becomes an integral part of uplifting the Palestinian community and fostering a global voice for justice and peace.

Timeless Elegance, Unwavering Support

Meticulously crafted with a blend of sophistication and comfort, this Tudung Bawal is available in two striking color options, white and red, perfectly capturing the essence of solidarity and grace. Made from the finest Cotton Voile material, it offers a luxurious touch while symbolizing the profound spirit of the Palestinian people.

Wear Your Advocacy, Share Their Story

Let the “I Stand With Palestine” Tudung Bawal be your voice of advocacy, a powerful emblem of support for the Palestinian cause. With every graceful drape, you not only express your solidarity but also become a part of the enduring narrative of resilience and hope, honoring the indomitable spirit of the Palestinian community.

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